Engineering & process optimisation


Thanks to the long experience of our experts in industrial plants, we can provide to our customer constant support, quality and engineering consultancy  throughout our service of expert quality advisors.


Consider the past to build the future

Research & development technology

Our team of process engineers and R&D specialists are dedicated to the continuous improvement of our solutions, new product and technologies. Looking for highest performances and best available techniques.

Case histories and insights about engineering advisory support


Laboratory analysis

Thanks to our analysis laboratory, CTP provides detailed inspections and tests on used bags to identify the causes of early-deterioration of the filter media.


Original Spare Parts

CTP Team supplies genuine range of replacement spare parts with fast delivery all over the world thanks to our advanced supply chain and logistic department.


Bag & Cage full Replacement Service

Filter bags are the core of the equipment filtration performances and the replacement of a full set of bags hides several aspects to be considered in order to ensure material lasting for several years and emissions compliance.


Thermodynamic cycle

Thermodynamic features and consequences

High enthalpy drop
High pressures and temperatures
Superheating needed
Risk of blade erosion


Boiler design parameters

The design and size of the Boiler for Waste Heat Recovery are the results of a balance among many interconnected factors, such as…


Organic Rankine Cycle

The ORC systems are typically designed with two heat transfer stages and use a high molecular mass organic working fluid such as butane or pentane.


Smart control panels

The series of smart control panels developed by CTP allows to optimise the Fabric filter operation, starting from the smaller to the bigger one.


Life cycle cost optimization

The cleaning efficiency and the fluid dynamics drive the overall dimensions of the filter and are influenced by the cleaning frequency and pressure drop.


Cleaning efficiency

The “cleaning efficiency” is a key parameter strictly connected to the level of emissions requested by our client.


Fluid dynamics analyse

Towards Fluid dynamics analyse , our experts parameter the quantity of dust reaching the bags (dust pre-settling), improve the dust distribution on the filtering surface and enhance shape and position of mechanical elements inside the filter to contribute to the filter pressure drop.