Tower and Heat Exchangers

Industrial gas at High temperature? Keep under control the setpoint with gas cooling technology conditioning tower or heat exchangers.

A wide range of gas cooling solutions for the reduction of temperatures of industrial gases for the following applications (for cement): conditioning tower, downcomers, clinker cooler, cyclones.

Available systems

Single fluid high pressure systems

High water pressure atomization


  • Consolidated technology
  • No compressor required
  • Low energy cost
  • Good regulation turn down

Dual fluid low pressure systems

Air assisted atomization


  • Small tower dimensions
  • Low installation cost
  • Low outlet gas temperature set point
  • Reliable nozzle cleaning and water spray quality
  • Very Good regulation turn down

Marco Rovetta
R&D Manager

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Moreover, our experts study the temperature conditions to design and manufacture customized solutions combining different technologies. Thanks to our deep-knowledge of industrial processes, we analyse the level of temperature in the different stages and we design and manufacture the best solutions in term of CAPEX and OPEX. This is a key value to optimize the existing equipment and reduce the impact of industrial plant on the environment.

  • Any pressure and temperature
  • Temperature analysis and Customized solutions
  • In-house engineering design and manufacturing
  • Full support of our experts

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