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Optimisation Technology Performance (OTP) division is specialized in the optimisation of bag Filters and Waste heat recovery systems.
OTP’s mission consists in reach higher performances, reliability and savings by providing technical analyses of the existing scenario and study optimized solutions


How we do it?

There are many reasons behind an APC system no more adequate to the process conditions

OTP technical approach consists in deep process analysis and equipment validation, identification of critical points, development of solutions to improve the existing equipment and solve plant problems to meet client expectations

  1. Analysis of industrial processes
  2. Full assessment for APC system (filters)
  3. CFD of existing equipment
  4. Identification of critical points and opportunities
  5. New CFD analysis and identification of potential optimizations
  6. Report of the optimizations and performances
  7. Proposed technological solution and achievable results

OTP technical approach consists in deep process analysis and equipment validation

Diego Bacco
BU Director

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Matteo Colombo
Technical sales Manager

For general inquiries: or call +39(0)35 6968501

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    Control guaranteed of dust emission levels

    Full line optimisation

    Reduce the total cost of ownership

    Support the internal production

    Decrease energy consumptions

    Improve the reliability of standard operation

    Prevent future malfunctioning

    Performances, Reliability, Savings and Quality

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