Our history begins in 1970 with the CTP foundation by Eng. Padovani Vincenzo in 1970. Since then, we have evolved from a family-run business into an international company.

The beginning

In 1970 Engineer Padovani Vincenzo together with his wife Carla Mazzoleni built the company “C.T.P. Tecno-costruzioni & progetti” based in viale Fulvio Testi in Cinisello Balsamo (Milan). Since its foundation the company was a familiar but well-organised entity, Eng. Padovani was in the commercial office coordinates and manages the company at 360 °, his wife Carla was in the administration office. C.T.P. Tecno-costruzioni & progetti, born from the entrepreneurial spirit of Eng. Padovani, was specialized in solutions for the control of emissions (Air Pollution Control Advanced Technologies – Since 1970). The design activity was supported by the manufacturing workshop in which the filters were produced before the assembly and installation in the cement industrial plants in Italy and worldwide.

The company soon had need of wider spaces and moved from Cinisello Balsamo to Cavenago Brianza, in via Santa Maria in campo nr. 5 (Milan).

In 2000 C.T.P Tecno-costruzioni & progetti captured the interest of the French group LAB and the headquarters were transferred to Cinisello Balsamo (MI), the company’s first headquarters. LAB is an engineering, construction and services company specialized in integrated solutions for the reduction of pollutant emissions in air, water and soil. The French management decided to abandon the manufacturing workshop and focus the business on the strong technical and engineering qualities of CTP. CTP became part of the French group with the brand “A neptune Technology company”.

In 2004 CTP became part of Bedeschi group with the brand CTP Team. Bedeschi, established in 1908, was specialized a wide variety of equipment for Heavy Clay Industry, Bulk Materials Handling, Marine Logistics and Mining. CTP Team brought its know-how and experience in the design of dedusting systems successfully collaborating with the companies of the group.

In 2008 CTP moved to Cavenago di Brianza, almost 35 years later, in the same street as the first C.T.P. Tecno-costruzioni & Progetti, where everything was born. Only the building number was changed, CTP Team was at number 5. In 2015 CTP Team moved to Bergamo.

Turning point

In 2017 CTP Team entered in CTN Group. CTN Group is one of the most important manufacturing companies in the south of Turkey, with a team of up to 140 people. Specialized in heavy steel manufacturing, technological mechanical production, construction, on-site assembly and disassembly projects, CTN provides a high standard products and services.



Starting from 2017, all the processes have been redesigned and step by step the organization got stronger thanks to the identification of key figures in core processes.

We are an ambitious international company with the aim of enhancing Italian excellence in the field of engineering and industrial applications throughout the leading of CTN Group and the actions of our people.