Biomass fuels and circular power generation

High potential source of renewable energy by Roberto Binago – CTP Team Business Development

The conventional concept economy of “use and waste” is no longer sustainable. Circular power generation refers to a close loop between waste and production of goods and energy consumed with minimum impact on the environment.

The use of biomass as alternative fuel to produce energy is gradually replacing the fossils fuels. Even if most of them have a low energy content, the use of biomass is frequently applied in the production of clean energy by means of heat recovery boilers and turbo generators.

The impacts of this model are on the waste to energy concept but also on the drastic reduction of virgin raw material and accumulation of waste in landfills. The environmental sustainability is possible through innovation with new technologies and processes using renewable energy sources and materials.

The target of this circular power generation starts from a different design concept of processes and products keeping in mind a different approach to the conventional industrial models being oriented to environmental, social and economic sustainability.

CTP has in-house design, engineering, manufacturing and testing capability for the main equipment dedicated to gas cleaning and energy production in Waste to Energy and cogeneration plants such as centrifugal separators, single and multi-compartment filters, steam and thermal oil heat exchangers, SOx and NOx control systems.

Waste Heat Recovery is also a smart opportunity to produce clean energy with the additional benefit to reduce the emissions of carbon dioxide.

Particularly, the energy production can be performed by means of either steam or ORC turbines the latter giving major benefits in terms of high efficiency, best reliability, minimum maintenance requirements and manpower.

CTP installed several flue gas cleaning plants for biomass fired boilers and waste incinerators with and without electrical energy production in Italy, Morocco, Slovakia, Turkey, Belgium, USA and Germany.


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Some pictures of gas cleaning and power generation systems for biomass industry and WTE plants: