Swap Technology

SWAP Technology is an innovative low pressure technology for cleaning bag of filters based on a Sonic Wave Acceleration Pulse (SWAP). This technology is the winning alternative to the traditional high pressure pulsejet cleaning system with Venturi.

SWAP PLUS in brief:

  • More efficient cleaning with longer bags
  • Constant values of pressure drops across the lifetime of bags
  • Reduced consumption of compressed air due to quick opening of piston valves
  • Modular assembly
  • Shorter erection time

The Advanced SWAP technology developed by CTP is a unique bag cleaning system working at low air pressure, designed to remove dust from several bags with extended length at the same time, with one single shot of compressed air at best efficiency and minimum stress of the filtering elements. In comparison with the traditional bag cleaning method, with SWAP technology the bag is no more blown with both primary air (from the tank) and the addition of much more secondary air (from filter plenum) due to the Venturi effect.

CTP SWAP TECH uses powerful piston type valves with a special design, instead of the more traditional membrane valves.  The special valves, installed directly onto the pulse header tank, output a short and very fast pulse that create a wave starting from bag top line and travelling down to the bottom. The sonic wave keeps the same velocity and efficiency regardless of its length. The very high speed and fast response of the valve avoid the Venturi effect normally located at the mouth of the bag.

In comparison with traditional systems, CTP special valves  have a much shorter opening time (20-40ms vs. >100ms) and reduce inertia of the valve elements which lead to significant improvements in terms of cleaning efficiency, energy consumption and long-term reliability thanks to a lower compressed air pressure (<3 bar vs. 4 to 6 bar) but enhanced pressure induced inside the bag up to the very bottom area.

The final result is a shape of the pulse which is such that the required acceleration of the filter fabric are achieved over a much greater length and of filter bags than with any other cleaning system available today in the market. Besides, the reduced amount of compressed air required from the compressor is capable to clean an increased quantity of long bags at the same time with one single valve, extending even more the expected lifetime due to the reduced stress of the filtering medium.

Advanced SWAP cleaning system

  • Primary air @ 2/3 bar
  • Secondary air 1/2 times the primary air flow (no Venturi needed)
  • CTP piston type valve (opening time=20/40ms)
  • Low consunption of compressed air

Traditional high pressure cleaning system

  • Primary air @ 5/7 bar
  • Secondary air 6/7 times the primary air flow ( Venturi effect)
  • Membrane type valve (opening time=80/100ms)
  • High consunption of compressed air

SWAP technology = low cleaning pressure + fast valve opening time + multiple bags cleaning with one valve = extremely low compressed air consumption with high cleaning efficiency and reduced investment costs.

In details, how does It works?

The advanced swap technology creates a pressure wave that travels the length of the bag. The pressure wave is transmitted along the bag at a very high velocity (approx Mach 1) creating a very steep pressure rise. As a consequence virtually no loss of the cleaning effect is suffered as the wave travels.


  • Special piston valve integrated into the pressure manifold
  • Fast action (20-40 ms pulse time)
  • Much longer bag than any other available cleaning system in the market with just “on-line” cleaning method
  • Low pressure bag cleaning technology (< 3 bar)
  • Useful in critical process (dust with big granulometry)

The CTP technology for bag cleaning is the most simplified system to get improved efficiency results as it doesn’t require any injectors, Venturi or other accessories on the top of the bags, to increase the secondary air for bag regeneration.

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