Bag Filters

Our Bag Filters are advanced, reliable and low energy consumption equipment used to remove dust from waste gas flows coming from industrial processes. The principal reson is the respect of local strict government regulation of emissions, responsability and environnmental policy of industries but also potential reduction of OPEX and investments.

The bag filter can be designed with independent compartments which can be independently isolated with dampers both in the raw and clean gas side for maintenance purpose.

The Bag Cage is designed with variable number of vertical wires. The bag fits on the cage with a certain clearance or looseness so that it flexes between its filtration position and the inflated shape at cleaning. The flexing is essential for the effectiveness of the pulse cleaning. The internal gas distribution is performed in such a way to uniform the gas distribution all along the bags and avoid potential problem with dust erosion ensuring gas cleaning : the dust laden gas approches the filter elements at a very low velocity and left at a much higher velocity. İnlet and oulet fan works together with the filter to unifirm gas distribution.

During the filter operation, the dust gradually covers and settle on the bags filtering surface , cleaned gas leaves the filter thanks to the help of the downstream fan. Bag material may vary accordingly to operating temperature and other paramets considered.

We also equipped our filters with special instruments to detect broken bags and through cleaning control system. The system can isolate the damaged bag row from the filtration process. This will permit to proceed with the filtration process and only after change damaged bags during the planned shutdown.

Regarding the cleaning system, CTP Bag filters are equipped with SWAP (Sonic Wave Acceleration pulse) technology is a advanced bag cleaning system at low pressure, designed to remove dust from bags up to 12 mt lenght. Thanks to this proven technology, CTP process filters can operate with online cleaning procedure which means no need to isolate the filter section during cleaning. The dust is collected inside the hoppers in the lower part of the filter. In this way the cleaning system allows to keep the filter always efficient and, at the same time, facilitates the recovery of dust in the lower part of the filter.

  • Main advantages:
  • Very Compact Design;
  • Even gas / dust distribution means less wear;
  • Reduces Inlet Bag Approach Velocities;
  • Promotes Better Distribution of Dust to Bag;
  • A special elaborate pulse valve design, allows use of longer bags;
  • Very high and efficient cleaning effect evenly distributed amongst all bags on each pulse pipe and along entire length of each pipe;
  • Allows On line cleaning with minimum dust re-entrainment;
  • Low pressure means low operating cost and longer bag life;
  • Low and controlled pressure drop over bag filter;

CTP Bag filters are applicables to the most different markets needs, from the small standard to the tailor made large process filters (flow rate from 3.000 to more than 3.000.000 m3/h). MKPR type of Bag filter, developed by CTP, has an optimized lateral flow gas distribution to entrance the cleaning efficiency reaching a longer lifetime of filtering bags without local erosion as could be expected in other gas distribution systems.

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