Air Pollution Control Systems

Air quality is an important issue and growing concern for the widespread awareness for the risks associated to the quality of the air we breathe. Monitoring air quality and implementing a gas cleaning system is necessary for the common good of our communities; It is an interest of local authorities and a responsibility of companies: be aware, prevent the environmental impact of the industrial plants and preserve the quality of the air for the wellbeing of everyone.
CTP is a leading engineering and manufacturing Company with 50 years of experience in the fields of environmental systems and Heat recovery. With innovative products in the field of Filtration, Gas Cleaning, Heat Exchangers and Waste Heat Recovery, we can design and install customized installations to fulfil Client’s constraints and expectations. We has been particularly successful in the cement sector where it has built an extensive portfolio of products and services, since 1970 we provide our solutions for the following markets:

• Cement
• Steel and Metals
• Waste to Energy & Power Plant
• Glass

We are engineers. We are dedicated to the continuous improvement of our solutions, new process and technologies to guarantee to our customers the highest performances at the lower price.


We are committed to provide Best Available Techniques (BAT) with the aim to reduce the dust emissions well below the limits imposed by the local regulation, specific solutions tailored designed for our customer requirements. In our range of dedusting solutions , We can provide completely new gas filtration system equipped with SWAP technology, our advanced cleaning system with low pressure air, but also perform the conversion of ESP filter into Bag filer and retrofit existing dedusting system to improve performances, reliability and efficiency. We have also a proven and extensive range of Bag filters for volume flows from 1.000 to 20.000 Am3/h. High performance system for the reduction of Nitrogen Oxides, and cooling system for reduction of high temperature from industrial processes are added value in our range of air pollution systems. We finally have a solid know how in the recovery of wasted heat from industrial processes based on ORC technology to boost internal energy production and reduce OPEX. One of our latest developed technology. In our headquarter in Milan – Italy, we develop all our products and projects with our teams of engineers, R&D specialists, senior project managers and installation expertise.

Through the manufacturing workshop located in Adana –Turkey, with a team up to 140 people, CTP can provide all the advantages of a state-of-the-art manufacturing workshop and the application of the highest standards of quality for welding, certified by TUV. A qualified team of site supervisor and workers complete our staff for the most demanding customers looking to EPC contracts.
The continuous improvement in air filtration technique and consequently enhanced bag cleaning efficiency, enabled CTP to realize the installation of a progressively increased bag length over the past 30 years.

All CTP bag filters for process application are equipped with the specific SWAP technology (Sonic Wave Acceleration Pulse) for bag cleaning, performing superior efficiency and increased lifetime of bags while reducing energy consumption, thanks to a new generation of high performance components.

Either conversions of existing electrostatic precipitators into bag filters or completely new equipment, fully validate the excellent results of CTP technology which is highly powerful and very simple at the same time.

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